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Stop the Hate/Share the Love

Need I say more?  Stop the Hate/Share the Love was created because of my frustration with the current state of political discourse.  It was also inspired by the many people I know who are caring for the sick and serving the poor, the unhoused, the marginalized, and the forgotten among us.  It is a reminder that each one of us can do our part to uplift those who are most in need--at home and abroad.  Spring is the season of renewal.  Let's renew our commitment to improving our environment by responding to negative words with positive actions.  Spread the love!

What's New?

The Black King

Thinking of You

Thinking of You, is one of the new cards celebrating spring.  Packages are now available for Mother's Day gifts or for personal use.

Coming Soon--A Coloring Book!

A sneak peek at one of the images that will be in my forthcoming coloring book.  This ice cream parlor on Georgia Avenue is one of my favorite places; a great spot to celebrate warm weather!  Details to follow.


The Black King is available in hard cover and paperback editions. 

Originally written in Catalan by Ponc Pons of Minorca, Spain, The Black King, was the inspiration for this painting.  King Balthazar must travel far to join the other Magi in their search for the Christ Child.  Following the guiding star with his servant Said, he encounters hostile villagers and performs miracles along the way.  The Black King is a timeless tale of faith and charity in the face of intolerance and suffering.  In his dedication, Mr. Pons writes, "With good will and forgiveness, every day will be Christmas."  The Black King was translated into English by Clyde Moneyhun and illustrated by Cynthia Farrell Johnson.

The book is available via Amazon.